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The artist Dennis Hardy learned the art of "moving metal" while homeless and living on the "streets" in Bisbee, Arizona.


Dennis befriended a homeless fellow, who we could usually find sitting on the grass at the park, hammering out metal.


He made beautiful wire wrap jewelry and Dennis wanted to learn how to do this.


"Crispy" as this fellow is fondly called, agreed to teach Dennis how to do wire wraps.  His teaching consisted of telling Dennis to "Keep your tools shiny" and showed him a basic wire wrap.


Dennis wished to learn the real pretty wraps, and so he hung one of Crispy's pieces wherever he could find to hang it and would stare at it for hours, and kept hammering and working with the metal until one day, he said, "I've got it, you have to move the metal".


One thing led to another and soon Dennis was making beautiful, award winning, cold forged wire wraps.  He won first place at the Coconino County Fair in 2010 with The Knotted Branch “Silk Design”.


And I learned to build websites, photo editing and more.


Our most recent endeavour is to build a safe haven for deserted desert dogs and whatever other critters come our way.   Please visit our Shepherd Hills Haven page to learn more.



Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon.


If you are interested in having Dennis wrap stones for you, check out our "Custom Ordering" page.



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