The photos on these calendars are worthy of framing.  I personlly ordered the bird calendar for myself, 14x11" and the photos are of a good quality.  I'm looking forward to framing each photo.


Dennis is taking  custom wraor those who have stones they would like wrapped.  Check out our Custom ordering page for more info on that.  We still hope to be able to one day go for our non profit status, but there are many repairs that need done here first.   The water tank for our well needs replaced at $700.  I don't even want to think about having to haul water with 9 dogs to care for.  We hope and pray that the pump doesn't go out as that is 2k so the sooner we get the tank replace the more likely it is we can save the pump, according to the well guy that came out last week as we had no water for a day.


We also have Tutorials for sale.


And we have a few cold forged wire wraps Dennis did that are on sale in our  Facebook Group.



If you would be interested in having wraps done or purchasing a 2018 calendar, please email me.   There will be a link on our website to purchase the calendars no later than Monday the 19th.  Thank you for your interest.  And if you would like to just donate funds to help with vet care, dog food and supplies for repairs here, please use our Donate button.  Thank you.


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