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You can read our blog to learn how Shepherd Hills Haven came to be.


Update on Gate.


Hello everyone.  First off a huge thank you to those who have donated and have helped support us via our Facebook Group The Knotted Branch and for purchasing our pendants.   For those who don't know, on our Facebook group we do a live feed Sundays through Friday with Dennis wrapping beautiful cold forged pendants.


Gate is hanging in there, he is eating and still getting up and down the stairs and onto my bed.  He is taking his medications and we are keeping him comfortable with the prescribed pain meds.


Two of our other dogs, Chomp and Chewy, are the great escape artists but thanks to donations we were able to purchase more fencing...  We will be putting that up soon


Sharp and Happy Dog are happy sleeping in the trailer/rock shop wth Dennis and Lefty, Uno, Grocho and Gate are all happy sleeping here with me in the camper.


There is a fund set up at All Creatures Vetenarian in Benson. You can call and donate direct to the Shepherd Hills Haven fund.  Their phone number is (520) 586-3777.


If you wish to help by purchasing our pendants, please visit our Facebook Group.


Will keep you informed and thank you very much to those who have donated.


We are alsio  trying to raise funds for several different projects and needs.  First off is the continuing need for dog food and vet care.



We are trying to raise funds for more fencing, dog houses and badly needed repairs on the buildings here as well as plumbing and electrical needs.



Dennis does custom wraps if you have a special stone or coin you keep in a drawer  or bowl, why not have Dennis turn it into a beautiful piece of wearable art!


We also have photo items for sale at our Fine Art America website.



And if you prefer to just donate, we appreciate that also.



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